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In every massage I put a piece of my heart, led by my intuition and feelings I choose and give what your body needs the most.... it's a piece of art so your feedback and resultant changes in your life afterwards are very important to me.

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Mellisa G.

In this tantric massage specialist I found a very integer and beautiful woman with a lot of positive energy. She's definitely following her heart and puts all of her love and energy into her sessions. This made it easy to feel a bond of trust with her and to surrender. The healing session she gave me was amazing. I expected a 'normal' massage (sort of) but it turned out to be a beautiful experience that gave me valuable insights, a lot of energy and a deep desire to wake up more of this 'love(ly) energy' inside of me. For sure I'll be back :-) Thank you, thank you so much!

Anonymous couple

But the night after we saw you, we did have probably the best sex of our marriage! So thank you--truly remarkable!


Thank you so much for the massage, it was amazing, and you helped a lot with your words too.  I didn't realise I had been at your place so long when I left and noticed the time, the time had passed so quickly!  

Next time I will have to book the de-armouring to help release more of the blockages.... 

Hope you had a good weekend


Ik voelde me meteen op m'n gemak en er werd uitgebreid tijd genomen voor een intake. Daarna genoten van een heerlijke massage. Ik kom zeker nog eens terug met m'n man zodat hij dit ook kan leren! Liep met een glimlach op m'n gezicht naar buiten ;-)


It was the most pleasurable experience, beyond what I had imagined.  I felt totally comfortable and at ease throughout the massage and  it felt safe to open up and explore hidden aspects of myself. I look forward to exploring further and experiencing more of this lovely sensual energy in the future


I had a really wonderful experience with you. I was a bit nervous in the beginning as a yoni de-armouring session is quite intimate and intense. But I felt very comfortable and at ease with you so I could completely surrender and enjoy the experience. I felt a lot lighter directly after the session, and I still feel the energy flowing now a few days later. Thank you so much and see you soon for another session :-)

R. and J.

We are a mature couple in a loving stable relationship. We wanted to try something new to stimulate our already great sex life. So we thought we would try a full body massage whilst visiting Amsterdam. We found latrantra with a Google search. We filled in the online form and received a quick reply. We then arranged for a full tantra massage for me while he watched. We were nervous of what to expect but she was fantastic at making us relaxed, explaining what would happen. I received a full body to body massage. It was an amazing experience. Self indulgent and very stimulating. It was far better than anything we hoped it would be. I would thorougly recommend the whole experience . We hope to be able to go back one day. Thank you so much.


It has been my first experience and I was a little bit nervous...She was able to relax me seemed to me that we have known each other since a long long time. My body was totally in her hands...A really wonderful and amazing session, with such positive and love energy. Thank you really so much!!!

Annonymous couple

We would recommend to try Tantra massage to every couple as she has a magical hand which made my girl feels on the seventh heaven, both of us loved your massage moves. Spl my girl felt like completed, techniques you did was wonderful, we just can't get over your massage from our head. We will surely visit you again and again. Love tc and keep rocking for the good work.


My tantric massage was an amazing experience! I had never done anything like this before, but was intrigued by the possibilities of opening up my body and my mind through tantric massage. It did not disappoint. I was so nervous going into the session, but she made me feel warm and welcome from the start, and soon I was relaxed and fully enjoying the sensual experience. I signed up for the 1.5 hour tantra intro massage, but when I looked at the clock when we were done, she had spent nearly three hours with me. I really felt like she was fully invested in my massage and gave me the massage that was fit just for me. She was perfectly fine with my boyfriend staying to watch the session and gave us a plethora of advice and tips. I walked out of there feeling more in touch with my body and with a new sexual zeal. I can't wait for my next trip to Amsterdam for another session, this time with the de-armouring. Thank you for a truly incredible experience!!

I and V

We just want to thank you again.  You are a beautiful person with such a nice and warm personality.
You gave us an amazing experience.  Wish we can have the experience more often, but will be impossible to find somebody that can do what you are doing.
Keep well and hopefully we will have the opportunity to meet again.


I cannot get the massage out of my head...a truly new feeling and experience, she made me relaxed and learn my sensual spots...her hands and moves are so soft and she really know what she's doing. I would definitely do it again in my next visit, i would do it every week if i could! Thanks for the wonderful experience 

R and H

We were a loving husband and wife who enjoyed a very healthy sex life, until we started to explore new avenues of enhancing our marriage to give more to each other, La tantra immediately drew us in and and my word are we pleased it did, this woman is beautiful and brilliant at what she does, instantly we felt at ease about having someone else in our relationship so close and giving so much energy to us. We have become closer and happier to have broken down some barriers. We hope to see you again and thankyou for setting us on a new path of tantra 

C and H

Wow, what a great way to spend 4 hours. We went for the couples massage and had a great experience. This has really motivated us to learn more about the tantric methods. At the very least, 4 hours without looking at phones and tablets is worth it on its own. She is a great host, putting us at ease and making sure that we were comfortable. I would definitely recommend the full 4hours for the couples masssage. We both learned some tips and tricks and felt completely energised the rest of the weekend. Trying our own couples massage this weekend... Thanks again.

Anonymous couple

Merci pour ce moment vraiment magique, il n'y a pas de mots pour décrire les sensations ressenties ! C'est certain, la prochaine fois que nous viendrons à Amsterdam nous reviendrons. Merci pour tout.

R and L

Amsterdam is well known for its party atmosphere because of its tolerance of drugs and prostitution. Having visited the city several times for business, my wife and I found the Red Light District, although titillating, just too seedy for us to consider anything other than looking. When we found the web site for La Tantra, we were curious but skeptical, thinking it may just be a front for higher end prostitution. With optimism, we booked an appointment and thought we could always leave if it did not match our taste. The booking process was easy and accommodating. As you age and practice your sexual game, you’ve likely seen and experienced a lot. Its increasingly hard to find stuff that impresses you, teaches you anything and of course, you know that what is delivered rarely lives up to what was advertised. Not this time. What M is doing is not prostitution and will exceed your expectations, but you need to want to be open to finding the sexual energy in you. It's not a game you attend to please your partner. We both felt this peak experience was well past our expectations. My wife received the sensual tantric massage and connected with her energy while I watched, drank tea and learned. She has had many past massages, and loves them, but this is not just a massage. This is an education about deep connection. Over a two-and-a-half-hour period, that for me flew by, she was brought to an amazing ecstatic transcendent state and I learned there is a whole lot more to female arousal people realize. Tantra can not be explained it must be experienced. It is really a sensual esoteric art that requires immense skill and M is beautiful and has skills! She also taught us tips that anyone can learn to enhance sexual connection and become a much better lover. Highly recommend, five stars!!! Victoria, BC, Canada


So my husband booked Latantra for my special birthday present. From the very onset I felt very relaxed and comfortable. The ambience was very nice, warm and comforting. My husband was present and enjoyed the experience too. The massage was absolutely amazing and I was really able to reconnect with my body. The sense of deep inner connection was made and was able to let go feel the energy and an enormous sense of deep pleasure from the soul. Time was taken and my husband was shown massage techniques too, which we will definitely adding into our relationship. A beautiful experience to share together as a couple and build stronger bonds. Highly recommended to anyone thinking about exploring, learning and connecting with your own self and body. Will definitely love to come back and learn more about myself. Thank you so much. An amazing and spiritual being with lots of energy and warmth. Your guidance and advice was very helpful...... Jay


Wat was dit fijn!! Ze heeft mij bijzonder goed laten ontspannen. Ze heeft een rustige en vriendelijke persoonlijkheid en vindt het duidelijk prettig om het je naar de zin te maken. Ik kom zeker terug!

P and R

We just wanted to write to you and thank you for our amazing experience with you on Friday. Your tantric massage skills were fabulous and we will try to remember some of the great things you have shown us. Its an experience we will not forget in a hurry. We also found it so refreshing and lovely to be able to talk to you about lots of things around tantra, sex and experiences that we unfortunately cannot share with our friends. We wish we could have spent more time just talking with you and also that we had more open minded friends like you over here.

Roxana and M

We booked a massage for my wife. It was the first time we did it. At the beggining we did not know what to expect, but M prouved very good professionalism and we felt confortable with her as we knew her from long time. Roxana enjoyed the massage while I was watching and learning. Was a great experience and I recommend it. After the massage we spend very intense sex moments. Our sexual life was very good and we could not imagine beffore that could even be better. Than you for everything. You are doing a great job and keep up doing it. Looking forward to meet you next time!

A and V

We hope you’re well, and that you could had a good night sleep 😴 

We just arrived home and we would like to tell you again, that we really enjoyed the time we spend together and that you should be very proud and motivated because we’ve felt a strong connection with you and you help us.


You made us feel very confortable and natural!

M and T

When my husband and I left M's place , I felt I had become right away a new different person. M's energy is pure. We were a little bit concerned on our way to M's place, we did not know what to expect...Websites can be deceiving. But not in this case! The time perception changed so dramatically, as if we were in a different dimension. We felt safe, trustful, open and blessed by M's touch. Now, after 34 years in a relationship, we have new energy and tools to re-discovered the connection we felt at the beginning of our story. What M says, that it is a piece of art, is true 100%.

Anonymous Couple

I wasn't sure what to expect when my husband said he booked a special massage for me, during our holiday in Amsterdam. I felt bit tense at the beggining, thinking someone is touching me so intimately but half an hour into the practice my body started to surrender. Soft touches with real passion made me feel like a baby feeling in her mum's arms - very safe, then deep connection with my femininity, wanting to explore more where beliefs and dogmas are not a concern anymore...When it was over I couldn't believe it was already 2 hours. Several days afterwords I still feel very open & alive. M told us before we start that I would take whatever my body and soul is in need of. It is so true. Whatever you are craving for you'll get. Meanwhile my husband was watching us and he thinks it was one of those moments that will be never forgotten. Quite insightful into female body.... I'm so glad I've done it. Will definitely be back. Thank you M

Marc and Beatriz

You created an intensely moving and growth-inducing new experience for us, full of wonder, pleasure, and the possibility of processing and being done with old pain. We are very grateful, and look forward to seeing you again at the next opportunity.

John and Lynnette

We have had our third session with this lovely young woman. She is so very open, honest, and warm and extremely talented with tantric massage. We will come back again and again very time we travel here.

S & P

Thank You for a wonderful time on Thursday, although we were extremely nervous at first you quickly put us at ease. We new nothing about Tantric massage before but it will certainly be something we will explore further in the future.

C & H

Wow, again! This was our second session and we have been taken to a whole new level. We have never before felt such energy over the whole body, from head to toe, and fingertip to fingertip. The couples massage was our choice, again, and the whole holistic moment is to be savoured? As before we were put completely at ease, felt an immediate connection, and this undoubtedly created the heightened experience we had. The awakening to an all over body energy flow was way beyond our expections but thoroughly appreciated. Keep up the great work and we will be back soon. Cheers, C & H.

C & M

I know maybe you hear that many times but I must tell. Your energy, feelings, magic hands, touching, teaching gave us our best experiences. Thank you again for everything, especially your lovely heart which can seen at your beautiful eyes. I feel as like as at my own home at your home thanks to you. We did our best when came to hotel also :) I think it was not sex until today we did. 


Please take care yourself, you deserve good things always.

M and G
A. Cohen

רוצים להודות על ערב נפלא! הייתה אוירה אינטימית, קרובה, משחררת. עשית את המסאז' מהלב, באומנות ואהבה. יצאנו עם טעם של עוד. תודה רבה ותמשיכי להביא לעולם את המגע הזה. א.ק

Scrivo questa recensione tre mesi dopo aver conosciuto M,e posso affermare che mi ha cambiato la vita.dopo aver prenotato il massaggio Tantra da due ore,il primo della mia vita, ero parecchio agitata quando ho suonato il campanello ma una volta aperta la porta lei mi ha messo subito a mio agio. Un’esperienza fantastica, che altro dire... da quel giorno ho abbandonato l’ansia ed ho scoperto una nuova connessione con il mio corpo è una nuova energia sessuale scorre in me.Con mio marito ora abbiamo un’intesa molto più forte!non vedo l’ora di tornare!!! Grazie M. Elisa Italia

T and K

Thanks for your session. Although we didn’t know exactly what to expect, you exceeded all expectations.  We couldn’t have been more pleased. 

Most importantly, My wife absolutely loved it. You’re perfect at what you do. 

Many, many thanks. 

D and S

Wow is what you will say if you choose this exceptional experience! I was so so nervous to respond to an internet site for this type of massage, but nothing to worry here! My boyfriend and I were very pleasantly surprised to meet a beautiful, kind, patient and professional woman that created comfort, trust and the most amazing connection to my body I've ever had! I just really want to say, if you are wondering, searching or otherwise wanting to explore this kind of experience, Latantra is it! I can't be more pleased to post this review and thank you enough for your time and compassion!

We booked a couples massage with La Tantra. WOW, we were not disappointed! She is such a kind and beautiful person. My wife was very hesitant at first but M took the time to help her feel relaxed, secure and comfortable, when her session was over, my wife was alive with energy! When my turrn arrived, M continued with such a caring and soothing demeanor, never making it seem like she was rushing, just giving positive energy through out the entire time. We both feel as though we truly connected with her, as time goes by (a little over two weeks since our time with her) we cannot stop talking about our experience with her, it was truly one of the highlights of our trip!! We both would highly recommend La Tantra to anyone who is considering a tantric massage experience while in Amsterdam! Thank you, M! We hope to be returning in the near future. M & G


I really cannot thank you enough for last night. I left feeling complete peace and happiness, so open and awake. This morning I woke up with so much energy and such a sense of connection to life.. my god it's just so amazing. It's like I'm totally reborn. Thank you thank you thank you for your dedication to your work, your skill and attention. I swear this has changed my life. I am just so thankful that you do this work and that I was so lucky to find you. You are doing such a wonderful thing in this world.

Colin and Tanya

Thank you very much for your love care and kindness shown to us both along with the help and immense pleasure given to us with the wonderful Tantric massage that made our time in Amsterdam extra special, it was such an amazing experience we both shared and loved meeting you was such joy, Tanya surely did enjoy your magic touch and on reflection told me just how terrifying she was expecting it to be and she was very nervous and unsure about going through with it but also has since admitted that she found it very rewarding and fulfilling she really relaxed into it and your caring gentle approach made her feel very calm and loved, we both found the intimacy very sensuous indeed which coming from Tanya was a huge positive response that I was wishing for,she loved your suggestion of the blindfold really put her at ease and as I'm sure you were aware of and noticed,we truly appreciate your time and consideration and the manner in which you put us both at ease and took your time in guiding us through this tremendous experience, I found being allowed to participate a fantastic bonus and sharing that experience with Tanya so uplifting and arousing much pleasure from being there without feeling like I was intruding thank you for allowing me that connection with yourself and my wife. We hope to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary in November once again in Amsterdam and I for one would love to repeat the experience as I'm sure Tanya would hopefully much more relaxed and comfortable about our next Tantric massage experience together, I really do appreciate the guidance that you have shown us and the warmth of your hospitality and convivial setting and of course your professional expertise in calming Tanyas nervousness and trepidation, I do hope that this finds you well and in good spirits and we are so looking forward to seeing you again if all goes well and you have the time and are available as soon as we have our trip to Amsterdam booked would it be ok to contact you again nearer the time to firm up plans once again thank you from the both of us much love peace and harmony Colin and Tanya xx.


Первый раз попала к этой девушке случайно, хотела узнать что такое тантрический массаж. После этого моя жизнь кардинально изменилась( это были самые сильные сексуальные переживания за всю жизнь) и появилось желание поднять свою сексуальную жизнь на новый уровень (испытывать это чаще и выходить на новый уровень удовольствий) . В следующую поездку мы были вместе с мужем) наконец-то кто-то смог объяснить ему, что действительно нравится женщине и как зажечь настоящий огонь внутри достаточно простыми действиями. Опыт был очень комфортный и приятный. Огромный плюс, что тренер знает русский язык. Т к в русскоязычной среде информацию такого характера найти очень сложно. В общем очень понравилось, всем рекомендую и мы обязательно вернемся для закрепления техники . :*


This is one of the best memories in my life.. the massage was really good for my body and mind. I tried the tantric massage for the first time and had too many questions. Masseuse answered it really well and the vibe of the place is also calming. If you are new and thinking about giving this a try but feeling insecure or scared, talk to her first and she is very nice and the pre-talk will prep you up for the massage. I cannot wait to treat myself again. Worth every penny spent on this. :) Much more love and power for the continued work.

M & C

كانت تجربة رائعة لزوجتي. مونيكا امرأة رائعة وجميلة ومحترفة. استقبلتنا استقبالا حارا وشربنا الشاي معا وتبادلنا اطراف الحديث. كانت زوجتي متوترة جدا، لكن مونيكا نجحت في تهدئتها وجعل التجربة ممتعة ومفيدة لها. كما انها حررت زوجتي من الافكار السلبية والضغوط اليومية. مونيكا خلقت تواصل روحي وجسدي بيني وبين زوجتي. بفضل نصائحها وطريقتها اصبحت علاقتنا الحميمية اقوى. رغم اننا متزوجين لأكثر من عشر سنوات، لم يكن للجنس المتعة التي اصبحنا نحس بها بعد لقاء مونيكا. واتفقنا اننا سنعيد التجربة قريبا لان زوجتي سعيدة جدا بالنتيجة وتتطلع لتجارب جديدة مع مونيكا.


I wanted to thank you for the beautifull session we had (on friday-afternoon 16th of july)! It was really surprising! And i still feel light, energetic, relaxed, grounded en my mind is sharp as a knife! It really changed something, it is hard to explain actually.....
So thank you very very much! 
You made me experience true tantra... it means a lot to me!


كنت خائفة من تجربة مثل هذه تانترا مساج ! , يالها من تجربة و عالم ينفتح يجب تجربته وليس الحديث عنه " م" مدهشة في جعلك تشعر بالراحة التامة. آمل أن أعود قريبا .اوصي بها ان اردتي تجربة تعيد تعريف علاقتك مع جسدك و شريك حياتك.




Für mich war es ein „erstes Mal“, dass ich eine Tantramassage gemacht habe, aber bestimmt nicht das letzte Mal ;-). Es war alles in Allem eine sehr angenehme und wohltuende Erfahrung. Als ich raus kam wurde ich tatsächlich ganz anders wahrgenommen als vorher. Es scheint als hätte sich mein Vibe verändert ;-)). Ich habe plötzlich sehr viele Komplimente von fremden Männern bekommen obwohl ich komplett ungeschminkt war :-D. Fazinierend und sehr zu empfehlen! Vielen Dank für das schöne Erlebnis viele Grüße �� M.

Salvatore e Marcella

ESPERIENZA SUBLIME novembre 2021! Avevo sentito parlare del massaggio Tantrico ma difficilmente riuscivo a fidarmi dei posti cercati su internet a caso. Abbiamo conosciuto Monika tramite una coppia di amici e leggendo il suo sito mi ha convinto subito perché traspare la passione per quello che fa. Ho regalato 2h di massaggio per mia moglie ed il regalo è stato ampliamente gradito. Abbiamo fatto un po’ di conversazione conoscitiva sorseggiando una tazza di te sul divano estremamente utile per creare sintonia e fiducia. Traspare subito la professionalità! È stata un’esperienza altamente sensuale ed erotica. Mia moglie si è completamente lasciata andare (nonostante fosse la prima esperienza “intima” con una donna). Mi ha invitato anche a partecipare regalandomi alcune chicche niente male. Se venite ad Amsterdam regalatevi questo sogno! Grazie Monika sublime experience!


I had heard of Tantric massage but I could hardly trust the places I searched randomly on the internet. We met Monika through a couple of friends and reading her site convinced me immediately because she shines through the passion for what she does. I gave 2 hours of massage for my wife and the gift was widely appreciated. We did some cognitive conversation while sipping a cup of tea on the sofa, extremely useful for creating harmony and trust. Professionalism shines immediately! It was a highly sensual and erotic experience. My wife completely let herself go (despite it being her first "intimate" experience with a woman). She also invited me to participate by giving me some goodies not bad. If you come to Amsterdam, treat yourself to this dream! Thank you Monika


Wir haben Holland besucht und den Aufenthalt mit einer Tantra Massage verbunden. Mein Freund wollte mehr über Tantra Techniken lernen und gemeinsam war es das Ziel, mehr über uns und unsere Sexualität zu erfahren. Gleich nach Ankunft haben wir Tee bekommen und uns ausgetauscht. Es war sehr natürlich und überhaupt nicht komisch oder unangenehm. Der Raum war sauber, es gibt auch ein Badezimmer und man kann sich nach der Massage duschen. Ich wurde massiert und mein Freund hat zugeschaut. Ich habe dabei eine Augenbinde getragen, um Ablenkungen zu verhindern. Die Massage hat +1 Stunde gedauert und mich entspannt, gleichzeitig habe ich auch die sexuelle Energie gespürt. Ich habe mich gut aufgehoben gefühlt und konnte mich daher frei fühlen. Danach haben wir noch besprochen, wie es so war uns einen kleinen Snack bekommen. Alles in allem haben wir viel gelernt!

Shawn RiRi

This experience was unlike anything we have ever experienced. Monika is a pure professional and excellent at what she does. The idea of awakening your inner energy was something we couldn’t understand until it was actually happening. This should be something that everyone should experience from a professional such as Monika


I've taken a few days since my very first tantric massage to effectively process the incredible results - but first I must say, WOW - Monika helped me connect with my own body in a way I didn't know was possible! Monika embodies kindness, wisdom, and a commitment to positive healing. From the time she spent before the session getting to know me and my aspirations for exploring tantra, to the thoughtfully selected peaceful music - she was empathically present and engaged, committed to my experience without rushing. In this stressful world that we live in, it was clear that Monika understands the deeper, physical impacts (and limitations) that we women hold and carry. I can't thank you enough for being so observant, generous with your time, and for the friendly and safe environment. It means a lot knowing there are good people seeking to help heal others, and with the utmost professionalism. I am feeling so optimistic about exploring tantra more, not to mention benefitting from the lasting effects (I already have pretty good skin, and eat relatively well - but wow, again - my colleagues noticed that I've been glowing for DAYS! :-) Until next time for sure, and my sincere thanks to Monika - such an impressive human!!!!


My Dear Monika, It has been few days since your tantric massage and I still rember that beautiful experience deep down in my heart. I was very affraid to face my fears and worries, but you made it so easy to trust your pure intentions, and your healing Soul. I enjoyed our conversation so much: I don't think I have ever met a person who understood my emotions as much as you do. I had to break many barriers to allowed myself to be touched again, but with your healing touch, with all the heart to put into this healing journey - breaking those barriers was so easy for me. Thank you for one of the most beautiful experiences in my life. With love, Kat

B&A Malta

We are a happily married couple with young kids who enjoy a healthy and active sex life, however sometimes tend to get caught up with the day-to-day family commitments, not leaving us much time for each other. We decided to get away on a short two-day break to Amsterdam, and enjoy some moments together to re-connect. I decided to reach out to Monika with the intension of booking a special Tantra session for my wife, which I had no doubt would be a lovely experience for both my wife and I, however my wife was quick to get onboard the idea and expressed that she would be happier if we went with a couple's session, which I was obviously pleased to hear. We met Monika at our hotel where we sat down, drank tea whilst she calmly explained what she had in mind, whilst learning what experience we were after. Monika, a beautiful, calm and gentle person started off by giving a sensual tantric massage to my wife, whilst I sat alongside the bed and observed. Monika pampered and massaged every inch of my wife's oiled up body, whilst she surrendered to her moves, bringing her to a high state of trance.I soon was allowed by both my wife and Monika to get closer and participate, simultaneously caressing and stimulating all her erogenous zones, bringing her to a full climax. After my wife's session, Monika performed a tantric massage on me whilst my wife observed and also participated in stimulating every corner of my body. It was an amazing experience to have four gentle hands hitting all the right spots. Monika also guided us on breathing techniques and energy flow to help me last longer. Our experience with Monika was one we will never forget, helping us re-connect by awakening our inner energy for each other. Monika is a professional, beautiful person inside and out, who is focused on delivering a wonderful and energy awakening experience for both. Highly recommended. ;-) Thank you, Monika!

Review for Lucia

The session was amazing. I felt so safe with you. Emotions came up I wasn’t expecting but there was nothing but love and no judgement. It was powerful. I very much look forward to learning more from you and future sessions. I really established an immense amount of trust with you.
Thank you 🙏. I really mean it. I cannot express how much you’ve helped me. I felt almost an out of body experience while simultaneously reflecting on challenging experiences I had. It was extremely thereputic. I’ve never shared so much emotion with a stranger and felt so welcome in doing so.
I leave Thursday back to Los Angeles from Amsterdam but I travel into Europe every couple months. I’ll be sure to reach out next time I’m in town.

Review for Lucia

Lucia was amazing. A complete different and new experience. it felt almost like spiritual experience I have a hard time describing. it.  She was extremely kind and reassuring. Great massage- actually couldn't stop shaking for several minutes.

Review for Lucia

I went there with my girlfriend, so I met Lucia as well ,  and then I left the girls there alone . 
My girlfriend was excited but also a bit nervous on the way there as she didn’t know what to expect .  But Lucia managed very quickly to calm hare down  and make hare feel comfortable :) thank You for that 
It’s been amazing experience for my girlfriend ,  she was amazed  !   She have experienced lot of other kind of massages , like lomi lomi , shiatsu , kobido , and many others but never before  tantra , Kashmir and yoni .   
Lucia have done amazing work !  My girlfriend is really amazed .  Some blockades have been released .   And now everything is moving inside a lot  .  Truly amazing experience  . 
Also the way hare sexual energy went up because of the way Lucia dit the massage and  of course woman’s touch on hare body and yoni  she said that she wanted to have sex so much at that point . Unbelievable ! 
We will be for sure back again .

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