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Couple coaching sessions

In my couple coaching sessions partners learn how to open each others bodies, connect deeper with each other. Showing the new way of touch, tips, massage spots in your bodies and give practical advices which allow you to connect deeper with your natural sexual energy. When your kundalini energy is open and blockages are removed you step into different dimensions to your sexual relationship, a new sensitive and intimate experience.

I do highly recommend to book internal and external body de-armouring sessions, which will bring your sex life upto in completely different level and help you to experience different forms of orgasms than you are used to before.....

If you wish to give your partner exact same tantra massage experience as I do. I offer tantra massage coaching together with my girlfriend. In this case you can copy every move as I do at the same time when I perform it on my girlfriend. What can be better than tantric massage from your beloved one. 

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