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I'm a 37 year old tantric massage specialist and life coach who specializes in helping you awaken your kundalini energy, remove energy blocks from your body and discover new senses. I'll show you how to connect with your body. You'll be surprised how responsive your body is to a specific touch. I've been encouraged by many people who have been affected and transformed by my massage techniques. 

Through their encouragement I decided to turn my hobby into my full time job. What can be better to find your passion and do what you truly love. It's the subject that engages me completely that I can talk for hours and hours about. I specialize in tantric intuitive massages and coaching for women and couples.

It doesn't matter if you are gay straight, or any other orientation - i'll surprise you how just massage can bring you to a different level of understanding of your body and open up your body for new energy flows. I offer external and internal de-amoring sessions which remove energy blocks in your body and allow energy to flow throughout your body.The relief you will notice after your first massage session, will be palpable and transforming.


I was very skeptical and reserved when I first encountered tantra as tantric person say "too much in my head" I simply didn't believe it until one of my tantric Guru proved to me I was wrong. I was surprised how one tantric massage brought me a to completely different state of mind - proper pressure speed of movements and music can bring you to the state of trance when every cell of your body becomes as one and surrenders to the moves, releasing you from all your skepticism and negative thoughts. My experiences inspired to study and learn more about this body art and since then I'm practicing and exploring different ways of movements techniques and sounds to bring body to the edge of excitement avoiding direct genital stimulation.

Each woman's body is unique, something you can compare to the world map - you'll never have a chance to explore it all, but you always have a chance to find most beautiful abandoned paradise where the rest of the world have no clue of it's existence. So women are you ready for the journey.....


Please note I also have a female colleague Lucia who is specializes in both men and women tantra massages. We have recently started working together with couples. But also if single men would like to experience this amazing massage - you are more than welcome to contact us. She also has few amazing reviews on my site. 

However alone or together we can make your experience memorable and enhance your intimate connection together...

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