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Sensual  Massage

Sensual Massage Amsterdam female masseuse woman masseuse

Sensual full body massage with hot essential oils, performed on a massage table, for complete body relaxation and openness. Includes massaging all eight energetic centers of the body for energy flow and blockage removal. It is recommended to start with this massage before moving to tantric massage. After this massage your body will be at ease and open for more.

Tantric Massage

female to female tantra massage tantic massage naked body body to body

Tantric full body massage performed with the blindfold and on the mattress in order to feel more grounded and move freely. Blindfold is a suggested option which allows you to go deeper in your own body and strengthen all other senses. It's a long and intense two hour massage during which your kundalini energy might open up. Specific moves and rhythm will bring you to the new level of excitement, you will feel the new energy flow entering your body and you might get surprised by your body's response and reaction. It is also recommended for women after childbirth or long non active sex life. Your body went into a sleeping mode, libido reduced and needs to be woken up again.

Kashmir Massage

female to female tantra massage tantic massage naked body body to body

Energetic massage also called yoga of touch. During which you awaken and raise your sexual energy at the maximum and distribute throughout the whole body. It's a full body opening massage with a lot of body to body contact and personal touch, which helps you to balance your mind with your body, prevents from negative stress and makes to see life in a more colorful way. Big part of massage is given in an unusual pose - laying on a back and legs on either side of the masseur, which is very opening and intimate.

De-armouring Session

vaginal de-armoring dearmoring de-armouring vaginal dearmouring amsterdam

If you feel you struggling reaching orgasms and feel that inside have some energy blocks I would recommend to book de-armouring session. I offer de-armouring sessions for women to open them for higher pleasures and releasing energy flow to their genitals awaken the flow and her body becomes more open en susceptible to receive stronger orgasms than before. fIt's highly recommended to repeat treatment within half a year... vaginal walls tend to shrink back again and form new blockages. We form blockages every day- from unwanted sex, stress and doing things what we have to but not what body wants. During the time your body as self defense builds "armors" so we don't feel the pain but also less pleasure because because our body became numb and not so sensitive.

De-armouring will speed up the process - your sexual energy needs to start flowing and circulate again.

Tantric Healing Session/ Shamanic Body De-armouring

female to female tantra massage tantic massage naked body body to body

In the stresful busy life we often forget ourselves, we're stuck in the hamster wheel and don't spend so much time on listening to our body. Always not enough time to slow down and relax. All past traumas we hide deep inside and lock under nine locks assuming we are over it since our mind no longer remembers it. However our body does remember and store this information in different parts of it, developing energy blocks and painful spots, which affects our further performances in life. 

Healing session will make you aware of it and release the pain of past traumas, unblock the energy and move further.

Tantra Massage For Couples/Training

vaginal de-armoring dearmoring de-armouring vaginal dearmouring amsterdam

As you noticed receiving massage from your loved one is hundred times better than from a stranger. Therefore I offer massage training session for couples who wish to experience the same from their partners as they get from me. During the training i'll invite my girlfriend on whom I'll perform the massage and you can simultaneously copy me and repeat that on your girlfriend at the same time. So she would get the same feeling but from you. It's a nice way to experience tantra massage from your partner hands and also to learn new things.

Best Gift To Your Boyfriend Or Girlfriend

vaginal de-armoring dearmoring de-armouring vaginal dearmouring amsterdam

Do you wish to surprise your boyfriend or your girlfriend by learning yourself amazing tantra skills and treat him/her with the best massage they have ever experienced? Keep them on the edge and stop on the right moment. Please request than for individual lesson and female or male model you wish to learn on and surprise your partner with new tricks and techniques you've learned let's say on Valentines day, or your anniversary. Amaze him with your own fantasy and interpretations and let him wonder how did you know - where to push the right buttons. Privacy guaranteed  ;-)

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